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posted on 2022-11-17, 19:36 authored by Damien ChaussabelDamien Chaussabel

This short video demonstrates a functionality of the pregnancy BloodGen3 application, that is accessible via this link: 

The “Fingerprint grid” tab provides access to fingerprint grid plots which indicate changes in transcript abundance for a given study at a given timepoint in comparison to a non-pregnant baseline. The position of the modules on the grid is fixed, with the modules lined up on a given row belonging to the same aggregate (the number of modules per aggregate varies between two (aggregate A16) and 42 (aggregate A2). Red spots indicate that a proportion of the transcripts constitutive of the corresponding module have significantly higher abundance levels in pregnant subjects compared to their baseline. Blue spots indicate that the transcripts have significantly lower abundance levels in those subjects. The colors are gradated to indicate the relative proportion of transcripts showing significant changes, with values ranging from +100% (all constitutive transcripts are increased) to -100% (all constitutive transcripts are decreased). An annotated map is provided below that uses a color code to represent the functional annotations associated with each of the modules on the map (no color means that functional associations for these modules have not yet been identified).  


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