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MOESM4 of Phenotypic and genetic characterisation revealed the existence of several biotypes within the Neorautanenia brachypus (Harms) C.A. wild accessions in South East Lowveld, Zimbabwe

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posted on 2019-03-12, 05:00 authored by Trish. Nyarumbu, Tinotenda Kaseke, Vimbai Gobvu, Chrispen Murungweni, Arnold. Mashingaidze, Zedias Chikwambi
Additional file 4: Appendix S1. GPS data from leaf collection sites. The file shows the geographical positions from which the Neorautanenia brachypus plants were collected. The coordinates shows the exact sites were plant specimens were collected in the South Eastern Lowveld of Zimbabwe. The selected sites were based on previous work by [4].