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MOESM3 of Differential gene expression, including Sjfs800, in Schistosoma japonicum females at pre-pairing, initial pairing and oviposition

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posted on 2019-08-24, 03:54 authored by Fengchun Liu, Han Ding, Jiaming Tian, Congyu Zhou, Fei Yang, Wei Shao, Yinan Du, Xin Hou, Cuiping Ren, Jijia Shen, Miao Liu
Additional file 3: Table S2. Number of paired and unpaired female worms on specific days after host infection. In order to establish Schistosoma japonicum infection model, each Kunming mouse was infected with around 70 cercariae. After 14, 15 16, 17 and 18 days infection, mice were killed. The worms were perfused through the hepatic portal vein using standard perfusion techniques. Finally, the number of females that male–female pairing and male–female unpairing were counted separately.


Natural Science Foundation of China