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MOESM2 of Optimization of incubation conditions of Plasmodium falciparum antibody multiplex assays to measure IgG, IgG1–4, IgM and IgE using standard and customized reference pools for sero-epidemiological and vaccine studies

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posted on 01.06.2018, 05:00 authored by Itziar Ubillos, Alfons Jiménez, Marta Vidal, Paul Bowyer, Deepak Gaur, Sheetij Dutta, Benoit Gamain, Ross Coppel, Virander Chauhan, David Lanar, Chetan Chitnis, Evelina Angov, James Beeson, David Cavanagh, Joseph Campo, Ruth Aguilar, Carlota Dobaño
Additional file 2. Comparison of the WHO reference reagent, IgM pool and RTS,S samples responses to the 40-antigen multiplex panel incubating at 4 °C ON. IgG, IgG1–4 subclasses, IgM and IgE were measured in the respective pools and samples. The plots represent the levels of antibodies measured in serial dilutions of the positive pools (1:3 starting at 1:50 for IgG, IgG1–4 and IgM; and 1:2 starting at 1:10 for IgE), and the RTS,S samples (1:10 starting at 1:500 for IgG, 1:100 for IgM, 1:50 for IgG1–4; and 1:2 starting at 1:10 for IgE). Data on IgG3 and IgE levels measured in RTS,S vaccinees were not available. Isolated dots represent the levels measured in the technical blanks.


Instituto de Salud Carlos III