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MOESM1 of Treatment-seeking behaviour and associated costs for malaria in Papua, Indonesia

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posted on 08.11.2016, 05:00 by Muhammad Karyana, Angela Devine, Enny Kenangalem, Lenny Burdarm, Jeanne Poespoprodjo, Ram Vemuri, Nicholas Anstey, Emiliana Tjitra, Ric Price, Shunmay Yeung
Additional file 1: Fig. S1. Results from the Discriminant Analysis of Principal Components to construct socio-economic status groupings. Description: a Shows the household income divided by the number of household members for each group (US$). b Shows the monthly household expenditure divided by the household members (US$) for each group. c Tree plot of ownership by groups from poorest (black) to richest (lightest grey).


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