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Loquat-Inspired Janus Drug Delivery System for Flexible and Robust Tumor Targeting Therapy

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journal contribution
posted on 02.01.2019, 00:00 by Yu Liu, Chaochao Wei, Long Huang, Weizhu Liu, Jiaqi Lin, Leifeng Chen, Yalan Yang, Ping Hu, Anwen Liu, Xiaolei Wang
With the inspiration of the shape of the loquat fruit, here, we developed a similarly shaped Janus carrier. This peculiar gold rod-partially exposed structure not only significantly increased the drug loading capability but also improved its infrared response efficiency. A better effect of drug-photothermal treatment thus could be realized. With the aid of an external 3D printed drug guiding device, this carrier could accurately reach different affected areas. The subsequent infrared triggered multiple tumor therapy, thus, could be conducted in the designated location. The corresponding experimental results demonstrated the reliability, flexibility, and biocompatibility of the proposed drug delivery system for two different tumor targeting treatments.