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Loaded Dice: How to cheat your way to creativity

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journal contribution
posted on 11.04.2019, 08:00 by RTD Conference, Kevin Lefeuvre, Sören Totzauer, Andreas Bischof, Michael Storz, Albrecht Kurze, Arne Berger

Interaction and product design are challenged to solve complex, and often wicked problems by creating unique solutions. These solutions are created by means of exploring implied as well as actual properties of the problem and solution spaces and bringing them together in a unique artifact. Conceiving fitting connections of both spaces is a task of high uncertainty. With the increase in blending physical and non-physical interaction in designing for the Internet of Things these problem and solution spaces are even more challenging to explore and subsequently to connect. We present the process of designing Loaded Dice, a tool to design smart connected products for experiences within the Internet of Things. It is a set of connected dice equipped with sensors and actuators. Our tool is an ideation device to support early phases of co-design processes to forge creativity in stakeholders for designing for the Internet of Things.


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