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Layered Heterometallic Iodoplumbate Containing a Novel Pb3Cu6I16 Net:  Structure and Optical Properties

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posted on 2006-12-25, 00:00 authored by Michael C. Burns, Meredith A. Tershansy, Joseph M. Ellsworth, Zeeshan Khaliq, LeRoy Peterson, Mark D. Smith, Hans-Conrad zur Loye
A new heterometallic iodoplumbate was synthesized solvothermally. The complex, [Co(phen)3]2[Pb3Cu6I16]·C2H5OH, contains a novel Pb3Cu6I16 net made up of linked Pb3I11 and Cu6I11 clusters. The clusters form a BN-type layer, where the Pb3I11 and Cu6I11 clusters take the place of B and N. The layers, which are separated by [Co(phen)3]2+ cations, contain cavities in which ethanol molecules are located.