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LC–MS/MS Software for Screening Unknown Erectile Dysfunction Drugs and Analogues: Artificial Neural Network Classification, Peak-Count Scoring, Simple Similarity Search, and Hybrid Similarity Search Algorithms

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posted on 2019-06-19, 00:00 authored by Inae Jang, Jae-ung Lee, Jung-min Lee, Beom Hee Kim, Bongjin Moon, Jongki Hong, Han Bin Oh
Screening and identifying unknown erectile dysfunction (ED) drugs and analogues, which are often illicitly added to health supplements, is a challenging analytical task. The analytical technique most commonly used for this purpose, liquid chromatography–tandem mass spectrometry (LC–MS/MS), is based on the strategy of searching the LC–MS/MS spectra of target compounds against database spectra. However, such a strategy cannot be applied to unknown ED drugs and analogues. To overcome this dilemma, we have constructed a standalone software named AI-SIDA (artificial intelligence screener of illicit drugs and analogues). AI-SIDA consists of three layers: LC-MS/MS viewer, AI classifier, and Identifier. In the second AI classifier layer, an artificial neural network (ANN) classification model, which was constructed by training 149 LC–MS/MS spectra (including 27 sildenafil-type, 6 vardenafil-type, 11 tadalafil-type ED drugs/analogues and other 105 compounds), is included to classify the LC–MS/MS spectra of the query compound into four categories: i.e., sildenafil, vardenafil, and tadalafil families and non-ED compounds. This ANN model was found to show 100% classification accuracy for the 187 LC–MS/MS modeling and test data sets. In the third Identifier layer, three search algorithms (pick-count scoring, simple similarity search, and hybrid similarity search) are implemented. In particular, the hybrid similarity search was found to be very powerful in identifying unknown ED drugs/analogues with a single modification from the library ED drugs/analogues. Altogether, the AI-SIDA software provides a very useful and powerful platform for screening unknown ED drugs and analogues.