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Interpolating Nonadiabatic Molecular Dynamics Hamiltonian with Inverse Fast Fourier Transform

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journal contribution
posted on 2022-01-03, 20:14 authored by Bipeng Wang, Weibin Chu, Oleg V. Prezhdo
Nonadiabatic (NA) molecular dynamics (MD) allows one to investigate far-from-equilibrium processes in nanoscale and molecular materials at the atomistic level and in the time domain, mimicking time-resolved spectroscopic experiments. Ab initio NAMD is limited to about 100 atoms and a few picoseconds, due to computational cost of excitation energies and NA couplings. We develop a straightforward methodology that can extend ab initio quality NAMD to nanoseconds and thousands of atoms. The ab initio NAMD Hamiltonian is sampled and interpolated along a trajectory using a Fourier transform, and then, it is used to perform NAMD with known algorithms. The methodology relies on the classical path approximation, which holds for many materials and processes. To achieve a complete ab initio quality description, the trajectory can be obtained using an ab initio trained machine learning force field. The method is demonstrated with charge carrier trapping and relaxation in hybrid organic–inorganic and all-inorganic metal halide perovskites that exhibit complex dynamics and are actively studied for optoelectronic applications.