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Correlation between 24h mean IL-7 plasma level and fat mass percentage, 24h mean leptin plasma level, body mass index, 24h mean cortisol and age in all groups of patients.

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posted on 2016-09-09, 17:30 authored by Natacha Germain, Odile Viltart, Anne Loyens, Céline Bruchet, Katia Nadin, Isabelle Wolowczuk, Bruno Estour, Bogdan Galusca

Data are expressed as p-value. AN-R is for restrictive type anorexia nervosa patients, AN-R rec is for AN-R patients after weight recovery, AN-BP is for bulimic type AN patients, BN is for bulimia nervosa patients, CT is for constitutional thinness, OB is for healthy obese patients.