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Interface for the voice transformation software.

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journal contribution
posted on 04.05.2020, 17:28 by Vincent Aubanel, Noël Nguyen

Top-left panel: global parameters with, from top to bottom: toggle Audio, set recording index, allow cross-talk, set tranformation’s phase angle (0 or π), amplitude and period. Top-right panel: visual indicators monitored during the task. Audio signal and current transformation value for participants A and B are shown on the left and right respectively, with the current turn number in the center, and the recording indicator at bottom. Bottom panel: commands to control the task. Left: pushbuttons triggering audible instructions to participants for the 4 parts of the task (silent reading, practice text, first repetition of text, second repetition text. Right: pushbuttons to initialize the task, start and stop recording in green, red and gray respectively.