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InSPECT Significant Properties Testing Report: Raster Images

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posted on 2018-09-26, 19:21 authored by Lynne Montague, Adrian Brown, Gareth KnightGareth Knight, Stephen Grace
Significant properties are those aspects of a digital record that must be preserved over time in order for the Information Object to remain accessible and meaningful. This report examines the notion of significant properties as it applies to raster images, or bitmaps. It seeks to identify the significant properties of raster images that must be maintained by examining each of its constituent elements and analyzing their designated function. It goes on to examine strategies that may be utilised to maintain access to raster image assets in the long-term. Finally, it outlines a set of
experiments that were performed by the project team to identify and evaluate tools that may be utilised to
convert significant properties from one form to another.