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Hydrodynamic Spinning of Protein Fractal Aggregates into Core–Shell Fibers

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posted on 2022-05-25, 16:35 authored by Alice Vilotte, Clément de Loubens, Deniz Z. Gunes, Christophe Schmitt, Hugues Bodiguel
Using fractal protein aggregates as building blocks, porous fibers were produced. The suspension of aggregates was coinjected with a solution of calcium chloride. Sol–gel transition of the suspension was induced by diffusion of calcium ions in the jet. The production of these fibers required a precise control of both hydrodynamic and physicochemical conditions as hydrodynamic instabilities competed with the gelation kinetics. By increasing the calcium concentration, several regimes were observed: swollen, dispersed, and shrunk fibers. In the first regime, homogeneous fibers were obtained. In the last one, osmotic phenomena led to a spontaneous core–shell structure with a dense shell.