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Highly Efficiently Delaminated Single-Layered MXene Nanosheets with Large Lateral Size

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posted on 2017-08-14, 00:00 authored by Gengnan Li, Li Tan, Yumeng zhang, Binghan Wu, Liang Li
Single layered Ti3C2(OH)2 nanosheets have been successfully fabricated by etching its Ti3AlC2 precursor with KOH in the presence of a small amount of water. The OH group replaced the Al layer within the Ti3AlC2 structure during etching, and Ti3C2(OH)2 nanosheets could be easily and efficiently achieved through a simple washing process. The delaminated single-layered nanosheets are clearly revealed by atomic force microscopy to be several micrometers in lateral size. Interestingly, the exfoliated Ti3C2(OH)2 nanosheets could be restacked to form a new layer-structured material after drying. When redispersing this restacked Ti3C2(OH)2 materials in water again, it could be re-delaminated easily only after shaking for several hours. The easy delamination and restacking properties, coupled with intrinsic metallic conductivity and hydrophilicity, make it an ideal two-dimensional building block for fabricating a wide variety of functional materials.