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High-Voltage Operation of a V2O5 Cathode in a Concentrated Gel Polymer Electrolyte for High-Energy Aqueous Zinc Batteries

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posted on 2020-03-19, 12:41 authored by Huang Zhang, Xu Liu, Huihua Li, Bingsheng Qin, Stefano Passerini
Gel-type polymer electrolytes are very promising to replace liquid electrolytes, addressing the leakage concerns in batteries. In this work, we report a concentrated gel polymer electrolyte for aqueous zinc-metal batteries, which manifests superior Zn stripping/plating reversibility and electrolyte stability, combined with a promising electrochemical stability window and robust water-retention ability. Quasi-solid-state Zn/V2O5 batteries employing such an electrolyte reach a specific energy of 326 W h kg–1 at 20 mA g–1 based on the cathode mass and a capacity retention of 93% over 600 cycles at 500 mA g–1. Moreover, the cell performs well in the 0–40 °C temperature range without significant capacity loss. These results represent important steps toward the development of high-energy aqueous zinc batteries.