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Hierarchical geomorphological mapping in mountainous areas

journal contribution
posted on 12.04.2021, 10:24 by Matheus G.G. De Jong, Henk Pieter SterkHenk Pieter Sterk, Stacy ShinnemanStacy Shinneman, A.C. SeijmonsbergenA.C. Seijmonsbergen
Journal article published in Journal of Maps 2021 ( Abstract: We present a method of digital geomorphological mapping of mountainous areas with a legend consisting of a three-tiered nested hierarchy using two case study areas from Vorarlberg, Austria. Users can easily visualize maps in a geographical information system (GIS) at the finest level with a legend of 33 morphogenetic domains. Reclassification of the morphogenetic classes in an automated GIS-workflow generates the medium and high levels of hierarchy, and each tier is accompanied by
suggested scale ranges for visualization. A variety of high-resolution input data (LiDAR-derived data, geomorphological and geological raster maps) supports the mapping method, which also strongly benefits from field knowledge. The method facilitates analysis, interpretation, visualization and application of geomorphological data at a large range of scales and corresponding information densities within one database. The structure of the legend allows for inclusion of additional morphogenetic classes and for application and adaptation in other environments.


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