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Guaianolides from Tanacetopsis karataviensis (Kovalevsk.) Kovalevsk

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posted on 17.09.2020, 13:50 by D. E. Dusmatova, Kh. М. Bobakulov, K. K. Turgunov, R. F. Мukhamatkhanova, V. V. Uzbekov, H. Gildenast, U. Englert, I. D. Sham’yanov, B. Tashkhojaev, V. P. Bruskov, N. D. Аbdullaev

In continuation of our phytochemical study on the aerial part of Tanacetopsis karataviensis (Kovalevsk.) Kovalevsk, three new guaiane-type sesquiterpene lactones were isolated namely karatanolide (1), 11,13β-dihydrokaratanolide (2) and 11,13α-dihydrokaratanolide (3), in addition to the two known sesquiterpene lactones 1β,10α-dihydroxyarglabin (4) and artefin (5). The structures of the isolated sesquiterpene lactones were elucidated by IR and NMR spectroscopy. Single crystal X-ray diffraction allowed to unambiguously confirm the structure of the isolated sesquiterpene lactones. Quantum chemical calculations of the guaianolides 1–3 suggested the existence of two conformations for the seven-membered cycle. All sesquiterpene lactones from Tanacetopsis karataviensis were isolated for the first time.


This work was supported by the Program for Fundamental Scientific Research of the Uzbekistan Academy of Sciences under Grants TA-FA-F7-008 and VA-FA-F6-010.