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Geomorphology of Pisticci area (Basilicata, Southern Italy)

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posted on 2016-06-08, 18:01 authored by Mario Bentivenga, Marco Piccarreta

This paper presents the results of geomorphological investigations carried out in Basilicata region (Southern Italy) in the sector of the youngest foredeep (Bradano trough) relative to most of the communal territory of Pisticci. The importance of the chosen area mostly lies in the presence of diffuse running-water landforms and landslides affecting urban areas. The geomorphological processes are linked with Quaternary tectonic uplift affecting the Apennine front-Bradanic foredeep sectors. A series of field surveys, supported by aerial photo interpretation, have led to the production of a geomorphological map at 1:35,000 scale which outlines the main processes and related landforms recognised in the study area. The latter are the result of the complex interplay of structural, gravitational and fluvial processes. Particular attention has been devoted to the recognition, identification and mapping of landslides which affect the slope, locally giving rise to hazardous conditions.