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Generation of the standard curves used to determine the cell volume for parental, ΔTgPiT and ΔTgPiT::PiT parasites using a Coulter counter.

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posted on 31.12.2020, 23:14 authored by Beejan Asady, Claudia F. Dick, Karen Ehrenman, Tejram Sahu, Julia D. Romano, Isabelle Coppens

Panels a-c: Volume distribution of parasites for each biological replicate consisting of three technical replicates. Data are mean ± SEM. Extracellular parasites were counted after gating on the basis of 6 different volumes, from 10 μm3 to 40 μm3, in 5 μm3 increments. The raw number of parasites counted at each gate was normalized to the raw number of parasites at the 10 μm3 gate, representing 100% of the parasite population, for each strain. After normalization, a linear regression analysis was performed on each curve, and the resulting equations was averaged and used to determine the mean volume for each parasite line.