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Formal Total Syntheses of (+)-Prelaureatin and (+)-Laurallene by Diastereoselective Brook Rearrangement-Mediated [3 + 4] Annulation

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journal contribution
posted on 2010-06-04, 00:00 authored by Michiko Sasaki, Kazuhisa Oyamada, Kei Takeda
The formal syntheses of (+)-prelaureatin (1) and (+)-laurallene (2), halogenated eight-membered-ring ethers, are described. The key step of our strategy relies on diastereoselective construction of a trans-α,α′-disubstituted oxocene structure through a Brook rearrangement-mediated [3 + 4] annulation with acryloylsilane 9 and 6-oxa-2-cycloheptenone derivative 22′.