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Folding a Conjugated Chain: Oligo(o-phenyleneethynylene-alt-p-phenyleneethynylene)

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posted on 02.10.2008, 00:00 by Ningbo Zhu, Wei Hu, Shuliang Han, Qi Wang, Dahui Zhao
An oligo(o-phenyleneethynylene-alt-p-phenyleneethynylene) was synthesized to create a conjugated molecule capable of adopting a helical secondary structure. A special feature of such a folded molecule is that the effective directions of energy/charge transport via covalent conjugation and through π−π stacking are converged to be along the helix axis. The transition from random conformations to the helix, driven by solvophobic and aromatic stacking interactions, was controlled by solvent properties. UV−vis and fluorescence spectroscopies gave supportive evidence for the folding process.