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First Example of Memory of Chirality in Carbenium Ion Chemistry

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posted on 17.05.2000, 00:00 by Yoshihiro Matsumura, Yuki Shirakawa, Yuki Satoh, Meri Umino, Takayoshi Tanaka, Toshihide Maki, Osamu Onomura
The non-Kolbe reaction of N-benzoyloxazolidine derivatives 6 derived from l-serine gave optically active N,O-acetals 7 when graphite was used as an anode material. This reaction represents the first example of “memory of chirality” in carbenium ion chemistry. The material used for the anode was critical for the memory of chirality. The substitution of carboxyl group with methoxyl group was found to proceed with an inversion mechanism.