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Figure S4A and B from Tropical land carbon cycle responses to 2015/16 El Niño as recorded by atmospheric greenhouse gas and remote sensing data

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posted on 07.09.2018, 07:46 by EManuel Gloor, Chris Wilson, Martyn P. Chipperfield, Frederic Chevallier, Wolfgang Buermann, Hartmut Boesch, Robert Parker, Peter Somkuti, Luciana Gatti, Caio Correia, Lucas Gatti, Wouter Peters, John Miller, Merritt N. Deeter, Martin Sullivan
Precipitation anomalies calculated from TRMM (Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission) (Huffman et al. 2007) version 7 and monthly daily maximum and minimum temperature from NOAA Climate Prediction Center (CPC) climatology (Fan et al. 2008).