Figure S3A-H. Nuclearia JP100 Sciento

2019-03-07T18:15:07Z (GMT) by Guifré Torruella
A) General view of a fully grown culture of Nuclearia JP100 Sciento. B) Detail of the
distinct species in the original JP100 culture: multiple Poterioochromonas-like stramenopile (small
round cells), Echinamoeba-like amoebozoan (white arrowhead), small Nuclearia (black arrowhead),
big Nuclearia feeding on Oscillatoria filamentous cyanobacteria (black arrow). C-D) Nuclearia
pluricellular form, not clear whether plasmodial or syncytial. E-H) Nuclearia thermophila JP100
under cover slip. Note the nucleous with central prominent nucleolus. E) the same cell elongating
plasma membrane and creating a filopod (white arrohead). F-H) Different cells showing distinct
plasmodial protrusions. A-D) Phase contrast, scalebars are 50μm. E-H) Differential interference
contrast, scalebars are 5μm.



CC BY 4.0