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Figure S2 from Coupling protocol of interlocked feedback oscillators in circadian clocks

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posted on 19.05.2020, 18:38 authored by Md. Mamunur Rashid, Hiroyuki Kurata
The phase difference, period and amplitude of the ACO and RCO models employed by the stochastic analysis We varied the coupling dissociation constant KC, while fixing the remaining parameter values (Table 1) and simulated the phase difference, period, and amplitude. We used the asymACO and asymRCO. For a unique time-delay of 5 h, the ACO provided the anti-phase oscillators (A); the RCO the in-phase oscillations (D). The periods of the anti-phase ACO and in-phase RCO showed the robustness to a change in KC (B, E). The amplitude of the anti-phase ACO decreased with an increase in KC (C), while the in-phase RCO determined constant amplitude (F). The amplitude of the ACO is less robust than that of the RCO.