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Figure S1 from Is there convergence of gut microbes in blood-feeding vertebrates?

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posted on 2019-04-11, 16:11 authored by Se Jin Song, Jon G. Sanders, Daniel T. Baldassarre, Jaime A. Chaves, Nicholas S. Johnson, Antoinette J. Piaggio, Matthew J. Stuckey, Eva Nováková, Jessica L. Metcalf, Bruno B. Chomel, Alvaro Aguilar-Setién, Rob Knight, Valerie J. MCKENZIE
Nearest Sequence Taxon Index (NSTI) values give an indication of the extent to which microorganisms in a given sample are related to sequenced genomes. Samples from hematophagous and non-hematophagous individuals have similar NSTI values, indicating that PICRUSt results are not biased in either direction. However, a major caveat is highlighted here in that NSTI scores for the birds in particular are significantly higher than for bats, averaging 0.058 (i.e. function was predicted using bacteria that are 94% identical in 16S rRNA sequence).