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Facile Synthesis, Spectroscopic and Nonlinear Optical Insights of Hydrazinyl-Based Functional Materials: Experimental and DFT Approach

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posted on 2023-07-26, 15:40 authored by Hasnain Mehmood, Tashfeen Akhtar, Muhammad Haroon, Muhammad Khalid, Simon Woodward, Iqra Shafiq, Ataualpa A. C. Braga, Norah Alhokbany

A series of hydrazinyl thiazol-4-one based scaffolds (EBHT1-ETHT5) had been prepared through condensation process of substituted thiosemicarbazone with ethyl bromoacetate and sodium acetate. The structure confirmation of formed compounds was done through several spectroscopic methods. Beside synthesis, quantum chemical investigations were executed at MPW1PW91/6-311G(d,p) functional to explore nonlinearity of EBHT1-ETHT5. At first, the structures of prepared chromophores were optimized to get true minima geometries. These optimized geometries were further utilized to carry out the natural bond orbitals (NBO), transition density matrix (TDMx), UV-Vis analysis, density of states (DOS), and nonlinear optic (NLO) characteristics. A minimum Egap (4.433 eV) was achieved in EBHT1 with wider absorption spectrum (λmax= 339 nm) than that of other yielded compounds. A significant charge transference is seen with in molecules through DOS and TDM findings. The GRPs findings explored that all the afore-said chromophores had higher value of global hardness (η = 4.433–4.657 eV) along with lower softness (σ= 0.432–0.277 eV). Significant NLO results were obtained for prepared chromophores as compared to reference urea chromophore. These organic chromophores can be considered as potential candidates in NLO-based applications.


Dr. Muhammad Khalid gratefully acknowledges the financial support of HEC Pakistan (project no. 20-14703/NRPU/R&D/HEC/2021).