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Experiencing the future mundane

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posted on 11.04.2019, 07:59 by RTD ConferenceRTD Conference, Paul Coulton, Josepth Lindley, Adrian Gradinar, James Colley, Neelima Sailaja, Andy Crabtree, Ian Forrester, Lianne Kerlin
Through the design, development and implementation of the Living Room of the Future (LRoTF), we build upon existing work to progress two strands of research. The first explores how media broadcasters may utilise Object-Based Media (OBM) to provide more immersive experiences. Created in conjunction with the BBC R&D the LRofTF utilizes OBM to dynamically customise television content according to audiences’ personal, contextual and derived data. OBM works by breaking media into smaller parts or ‘objects’, describing how they relate to each other semantically, and then reassembling them into personalized programmes. In addition to this media-delivery aspect, the LRoTF explores data protection issues that arise from OBM’s use of data
by integrating with the privacy-enhancing Databox system. The second research focus develops understandings of Design Fiction. While the ‘World Building’ approach to Design Fiction describes strategies that place emerging technologies in potential futures, this work expands the scope of these prototypes to create a world within which audiences co-produce a ‘lived’ experience of the future as an ‘Experiential Design Fiction’. By combining the audience’s context with the fiction’s diegesis this research demonstrates a method for extrapolating today’s emerging technologies to create an immersive experience of a possible mundane reality of tomorrow.


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