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Epitaxial III−V Nanowires on Silicon

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posted on 13.10.2004, 00:00 by Thomas Mårtensson, C. Patrik T. Svensson, Brent A. Wacaser, Magnus W. Larsson, Werner Seifert, Knut Deppert, Anders Gustafsson, L. Reine Wallenberg, Lars Samuelson
We present results of ideal epitaxial nucleation and growth of III−V semiconductor nanowires on silicon substrates. This addresses the long-time challenge of integrating high performance III−V semiconductors with mainstream Si technology. Efficient room-temperature generation of light on silicon is demonstrated by the incorporation of double heterostructure segments in such nanowires. We expect that advanced heterostructure devices, such as resonant tunneling diodes, superlattice device structures, and heterostructure photonic devices for on-chip communication, could now become available as complementary device technologies for integration with silicon.