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Energy Renormalization for Coarse-Graining the Dynamics of a Model Glass-Forming Liquid

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posted on 03.02.2018, 18:15 authored by Wenjie Xia, Jake Song, Nitin K. Hansoge, Frederick R. Phelan, Sinan Keten, Jack F. Douglas
Coarse-grained modeling achieves the enhanced computational efficiency required to model glass-forming materials by integrating out “unessential” molecular degrees of freedom, but no effective temperature transferable coarse-graining method currently exists to capture dynamics. We address this fundamental problem through an energy-renormalization scheme, in conjunction with the localization model of relaxation relating the Debye–Waller factor ⟨u2⟩ to the structural relaxation time τ. Taking ortho-terphenyl as a model small-molecule glass-forming liquid, we show that preserving ⟨u2⟩ (at picosecond time scale) under coarse-graining by renormalizing the cohesive interaction strength allows for quantitative prediction of both short- and long-time dynamics covering the entire temperature range of glass formation. Our findings provide physical insights into the dynamics of cooled liquids and make progress for building temperature-transferable coarse-grained models that predict key properties of glass-forming materials.