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Effects of Coronavirus (COVID-19) on International Financial Market: A Conceptual Analysis

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posted on 15.05.2020, 11:25 by Nurul Mohammad Zayed, Shahiduzzaman Khan Shahi, Arafat Hosain Neloy, Mithila Afrin, Tanzina Haque
The paper has explored the impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19) on the International Financial Market. The most recent works have considered the effects of the coronavirus on the International Money Market worldwide. Essential information is gathered from various online media, insightful diaries, different sorts of research papers, college diaries, and other online sources, and so on. The paper finds that passages will flop as various countries are taking practically identical exercises to slow the spread of the disease. There are extraordinary arrangement associations, families, governments and money related investigators who don't consider the financial consequence of the spreading contamination. State and governments are at the cutting edges of the current crisis. The securities exchange has experienced gigantic gyrations in the course of recent weeks. The Federal Reserve has strongly cut credit expenses to zero. The finding indicates that The IMF and the World Bank scrambled to provide a mutual proclamation declaring their significance to support "Address the Human Disaster and Economic Challenge" inaugurated during the contamination. National banks must assist solicitation and assurance by hindering a fixing of budgetary conditions, cutting down on gaining costs for families and firms and ensuring market liquidity. This investigation makes policymakers reconsider their move for more assistance and assembling segment organization, however not for farming contribution to fallback.