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Effect of Terminal-Group Functionality on the Ability of Dendrimers to Bind Proteins

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posted on 2017-07-12, 00:00 authored by Fumiko Chiba, Lance. J. Twyman
It is known that dendrimers can bind proteins with good selectively. This selectivity comes about from an optimization based on matching the size of the dendrimer with the size of the protein’s interfacial binding area. In this paper, we report how this selectivity can be moderated by the functionality on the surface of the dendrimer. Specifically, we describe the synthesis of amino acid functionalized dendrimers and the effect of functionality on the dendrimer’s ability to bind and inhibit the enzymatic protein, chymotrypsin. The results show how dendrimer binding can be increased or decreased depending on the terminal functionality. These results will allow new ligands to be designed and synthesized, possessing increased and selective protein-binding abilities.