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Effect of Reduced Sulfur Species on Chemolithoautotrophic Pyrite Oxidation with Nitrate

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posted on 2018-11-27, 09:09 authored by Ruiwen Yan, Andreas Kappler, E. Marie Muehe, Klaus-Holger Knorr, Marcus A. Horn, Alexander Poser, Regina Lohmayer, Stefan Peiffer

We compared the response at neutral pH of some denitrifiers to different electron donors such as reduced sulfur (pyrite, S(0), and marcasite) and reduced Fe. Chemolithoautotrophic oxidation of pyrite with nitrate as electron acceptor was not possible when the pyrite was in a pure crystalline form, whereas oxidation of synthesized FeS2 of low crystallinity and of S(0) with nitrate as electron acceptor was possible. Neither nitrite nor sulfate was formed when Fe(II)-oxidizing strain Acidovorax sp. BoFeN1 was tested. Microbial reduction of nitrate appears to be induced via S oxidation but not via Fe oxidation.


This work was funded by the research group FOR 580 of the German Research Foundation (DFG) “Electron Transfer Processes in Anoxic Aquifers.”