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Effect of Plasmid Presence and Stability on Growth of Escherichia coli DH5α with Use of Drugs, Chemicals, and Radiation

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posted on 2020-11-28, 05:39 authored by Praveen Kumar VemuriPraveen Kumar Vemuri
Objective: The purpose of the study delineates the growth and plasmid stability of E. coli DH5α host system. Materials and Methods: Different concentrations of drugs, chemicals, and various frequency of radiations were subjected to the host system to verify the colony-forming units along with plasmid concentration and stability. Results: Among chemicals, acridine orange showed the highest effect on growth of DH5α, while among the drugs, danthrone showed maximum effect on the growth of the organism. Radiofrequency of 2 GHz and low- intensity microwave radiation were recorded as the highest inhibitory effects. However, there is no significant effect in growth observed in exposure to UV rays. Conclusion: The present work discussed that drugs, chemicals, radiofrequency, and microwave radiation have a huge effect on the growth of organism and also on the concentration and stability of plasmid.


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