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Eco-Friendly Plasmonic Sensors: Using the Photothermal Effect to Prepare Metal Nanoparticle-Containing Test Papers for Highly Sensitive Colorimetric Detection

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posted on 05.06.2012, 00:00 by Shao-Chin Tseng, Chen-Chieh Yu, Dehui Wan, Hsuen-Li Chen, Lon Alex Wang, Ming-Chung Wu, Wei-Fang Su, Hsieh-Cheng Han, Li-Chyong Chen
Convenient, rapid, and accurate detection of chemical and biomolecules would be a great benefit to medical, pharmaceutical, and environmental sciences. Many chemical and biosensors based on metal nanoparticles (NPs) have been developed. However, as a result of the inconvenience and complexity of most of the current preparation techniques, surface plasmon-based test papers are not as common as, for example, litmus paper, which finds daily use. In this paper, we propose a convenient and practical technique, based on the photothermal effect, to fabricate the plasmonic test paper. This technique is superior to other reported methods for its rapid fabrication time (a few seconds), large-area throughput, selectivity in the positioning of the NPs, and the capability of preparing NP arrays in high density on various paper substrates. In addition to their low cost, portability, flexibility, and biodegradability, plasmonic test paper can be burned after detecting contagious biomolecules, making them safe and eco-friendly.