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Easy Accessibility to Trains From Low Level Platform

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posted on 2021-02-25, 09:55 authored by sanket nawalesanket nawale
Modern express trains in India face the problem of having a higher floor level than the current platform level. It is also seen in new rakes and coaches that there is a substantial gap in between the train floor and the platform. This proves to be a challenge to some people who needs to climb a set of near vertical exterior steps to reach the train floor level from the platform level. Accidents occur when people misstep and fall down in the gaps too. Simple solutions can eliminate this problem. In India, the floor height of express and long-distance trains is not compatible with the platform height and changes. In most cases, the distance increases beyond comfort limit of the passengers. The problem becomes more prominent when people struggle to climb abroad and get down from trains on to the platforms because of steep exterior steps which often lead to accidents and injuries. This is mostly seen with small kids, women, elderly, people with arthritis and others and also while moving heavy luggage in and out of the train. In all the above cases, a simple construction of platform risers and gap fillers can make a huge difference. So from above problems, the solution is to make a folding step mechanism which will be fill the height and the gap between the platform and the AC 3-Tier Sleeper Coaches.