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Dynamic Control of Optical Response in Layered Metal Chalcogenide Nanoplates

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posted on 2016-01-13, 00:00 authored by Yanping Liu, Kyle Tom, Xi Wang, Chunming Huang, Hongtao Yuan, Hong Ding, Changhyun Ko, Joonki Suh, Lawrence Pan, Kristin A. Persson, Jie Yao
Tunable optical transitions in ultrathin layered 2-dimensional (2D) materials unveil the electronic structures of materials and provide exciting prospects for potential applications in optics and photonics. Here, we present our realization of dynamic optical modulation of layered metal chalcogenide nanoplates using ionic liquid (IL) gating over a wide spectral range. The IL gating significantly increased the tuning range of the Fermi level and, as a result, substantially altered the optical transitions in the nanoplates. Using heavily n-doped Bi2Se3 nanoplates, we substantially modulated the light transmission through the ultrathin layer. A tunable, high-transmission spectral window in the visible to near-infrared region has been observed due to simultaneous shifts of both the plasma edge and absorption edge of the material. On the other hand, optical response of multilayer MoSe2 flakes gated by IL has shown enhanced transmission in both positive and negative biases, which is consistent with their ambipolar electrical behavior. The electrically controlled optical property tuning in metal chalcogenide material systems provides new opportunities for potential applications, such as wide spectral range optical modulators, optical filters, and electrically controlled smart windows with extremely low material consumption.