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Dual-Interfacial Polarization Enhancement to Design Tunable Microwave Absorption Nanofibers of SiC@C@PPy

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posted on 03.06.2020, 13:04 by Chang Xu, Fan Wu, Liqun Duan, Ziming Xiong, Yilu Xia, Zhiqian Yang, Mengxiao Sun, Aming Xie
To improve the microwave absorption (MA) performance of SiC nanofibers, dual interfaces were designed on the surfaces of SiC nanofibers to form SiC@C@PPy heterostructures. The inner carbon and outer polypyrrole (PPy) layers were synthesized through gas etching and oxidative polymerization, respectively. Benefitting from polarization enhancement in dual interfaces and the well-established conductive networks in the composite, SiC@C@PPy nanofiber-loaded composites reveal ideal electromagnetic attenuation and impedance matching properties. The best effective absorption bandwidth (EAB) of SiC@C@PPy nanofibers can reach 8.4 GHz at a thickness of 2.78 mm with a filler loading of 15 wt %. Moreover, by modulating the thickness of the samples, the EAB can cover the whole X (8–12 GHz) and Ku (12–18 GHz) bands.