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Domination and submission: The struggle to retain ownership/control of national Research Information

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posted on 2018-01-24, 12:51 authored by Clifford TatumClifford Tatum, John Doove
Persistent Identifiers (PIDs) used in academic research live in two worlds: the world of open science and the world of strategic decision making. Whereas the objectives of open science aim to share as much as possible the resources and outcomes of publicly funded research, strategic management of research operates in the competitive space of attracting talent and winning funding grants.

This tension poses a particular challenge to mobilizing national sharing of research information. At present, academic publishers and related commercial service providers are poised to dominate the domain of Research Information. While the publishing industry provides many crucial services to the academic enterprise, the move to increased openness complicates this centuries-old relationship.

In this session, we draw on lessons learned from an ORCID pilot project to sketch a PID-centric Research Information strategy for the Netherlands.