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Directed Synthesis of [2]Catenanes Incorporating Naphthalenediimide and Crown Ethers by Associated Interactions of Templates

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posted on 2011-10-07, 00:00 authored by Wenlong Yang, Yongjun Li, Jianhong Zhang, Nan Chen, Songhua Chen, Huibiao Liu, Yuliang Li
In this paper, we introduce a simple one-step method to synthesize [2]catenanes incorporating naphthalenediimide and crown ethers by associated interactions of templates. In this functional supermolecular system, the combined hydrogen-bond and π-donor/π-acceptor interactions led production of the [2]catenanes which exhibit reversible moving of the crown ether macrocycle on the big ring between two stations via de/reprotonation. This movement on the big ring can change the electron interaction, resulting in strong quenching of the emission of naphthalene diimide.