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Directed Assembly Network - A Roadmap to Innovation, 2017 Edition

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posted on 20.12.2016, 11:59 by Julian Rose, Paul Raithby, Jenny Woods, Harris Makatsoris, Sally Price, Chick Wilson, George Jackson, Mike Ward, Lee Brammer, Matt Rosseinsky, Sophia Yaliraki, Neil Champness, Kevin Roberts, Niek Buurma, Anna Peacock

The Directed Assembly Network, an EPSRC Grand Challenge Network, set out in 2010 to build a wide-reaching community of scientists, engineers and industrial members that includes: chemists, biologists, physicists, chemical engineers, mathematicians, and computer scientists, to name but a few.

This Roadmap has been constructed by the Network community over years of consultations and continuous engagement through: themed meetings, sandpits, Network awards (proof of concept projects) and strategic meetings. In 2010, the Network was tasked to look 20-40 years into the future, and to capture, short, medium and long term goals. Over the 6 years since its inception the Network has grown to over 1,000 members and hosts several highly acclaimed meetings each year. 

The vision of the Network is to be able to control the assembly of matter with sufficient certainty and precision to allow the preparation of materials and molecular assemblies, with far more sophisticated and tuneable properties and functions, than are accessible in materials synthesised using current methods.