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Direct Observation of Surface-Mediated Thioacetyl Deprotection:  Covalent Tethering of a Thiol-Terminated Porphyrin to the Ag(100) Surface

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posted on 02.08.2006, 00:00 by Owain P. H. Vaughan, Mark Turner, Federico J. Williams, Andreas Hille, Jeremy K. M. Sanders, Richard M. Lambert
Covalent tethering of macromolecules such as porphyrins to metal surfaces underpins bottom-up fabrication of systems intended for a variety of applications. Thiol linkages are especially useful but often need protection during macromolecule synthesis. By means of scanning tunneling microscopy, we directly observe the spontaneous deprotection of an acetyl-protected thioporphyrin upon contact with a silver surface, without the intervention of any solution-mediated chemistry.