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Differential Incorporation of Glucose into Biomass during Warburg Metabolism

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posted on 17.12.2015, 03:27 by Ying-Jr Chen, Xiaojing Huang, Nathaniel G. Mahieu, Kevin Cho, Jacob Schaefer, Gary J. Patti
It is well established that most cancer cells take up an increased amount of glucose relative to that taken up by normal differentiated cells. The majority of this glucose carbon is secreted from the cell as lactate. The fate of the remaining glucose carbon, however, has not been well-characterized. Here we apply a novel combination of metabolomic technologies to track uniformly labeled glucose in HeLa cancer cells. We provide a list of specific intracellular metabolites that become enriched after being labeled for 48 h and quantitate the fraction of consumed glucose that ends up in proteins, peptides, sugars/glycerol, and lipids.