Demo_Automatic Generation of a TV Programme from Blog Entries

TVML (TV program Making Language) is a technology capable of obtaining TV (television)-programme-like Computer Graphics (CG) animation by writing text script. We have originally developed TVML and have been studying generative contents with the aid of TVML. This time, we have created an application that automatically converts blog posts into CG animations with TV news show format. The process is: 1) to fetch HTML of the blog posts and perform Web scraping and natural language processing to obtain summarized speech texts, 2) to automatically give a show format obtained from the analysis of professional TV programme to get TVML script, 3) to apply the CG character and artworks etc. that fit the blog content to obtain the final CG animation. In the demo session, we will explain the method and will demonstrate the working application on a PC connected to the Internet showing CG animations actually created on site.