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Demo 1: Health-Promoting Virtual Shopping Recommender

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journal contribution
posted on 20.06.2016, 23:49 by Melanie Lausen, Katja Herrmanny, Timo Stegemann, Aysegül Dogangün
This work presents a gesture-based health-promoting virtual shopping system tailored to the demands of elderly people. It addresses three major health-related and age-specific issues: First, it supports autonomy by providing an alternative to outdoor grocery shopping for times of poorer state of health. Second, a moderate level of physical activity is supported by the gesture-based interaction. Third, healthy nutrition is addressed by providing adaptive, user-specific recommendations before and during the grocery shopping process based on information of a profile and user-specific habits identified through former shopping behavior. Hence the importance of self-initiated balanced nutrition as well as physical activity and the effect on their well-being are understood by the user. Results of a first evaluation with subjects aged 50 to 87 seem promising.