DC_Educational Online Video: Opportunities and Barriers to Integrate it in the Entertainment Consumption Routines

General population and particularly teenagers are increasingly using mobile devices for video consumption instead of the regular TV set. Considering that the top motivation for video consumption is to seek for entertainment, there is an opportunity to try to capture some of those moments for educational content enriched with some entertainment characteristics. This PhD study aims to identify narrative and technical characteristics to incorporate in educational videos, designed to be consumed in informal contexts in new media platforms. These characteristics will be identified by analysing the preferences of teenagers aged from 12 to 16 years old that attend the Portuguese public school system. Furthermore, the research team expects to understand if educational videos enriched with the referred characteristics are able to be included in entertainment consumption routines of these viewers. The results already achieved allowed to identify that some of the most valued characteristics are the comic approach, the integration of animations, the relaxed yet clear presenter style and the low level of scientific detail in explanations in the video. There is an on going validation of the willingness for the inclusion of this type of contents in informal video consumption routines of teenagers.