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Cytotoxic Bryostatin Derivatives from the South China Sea Bryozoan Bugula neritina

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posted on 22.05.2015, 00:00 by Hao-Bing Yu, Fan Yang, Yan-Yun Li, Jian-Hong Gan, Wei-Hua Jiao, Hou-Wen Lin
Four new macrocyclic lactones, bryostatin 21 (1) and 9-O-methylbryostatins 4, 16, and 17 (24), together with three known related compounds, bryostatins 4, 16, and 17 (57), have been isolated from an extract of the South China Sea bryozoan Bugula neritina. The structures of all compounds were unambiguously elucidated using detailed spectroscopic analysis. Structurally, the presence of a single methyl group at C-18 in compound 1 has not been observed before for known bryostatins. The isolated macrolides exhibited inhibitory effects against a small panel of human cancer cell lines.