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Cyclohexyl-Fused, Spirobiindane-Derived, Phosphine-Catalyzed Synthesis of Tricyclic γ‑Lactams and Kinetic Resolution of γ‑Substituted Allenoates

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journal contribution
posted on 2019-10-08, 13:35 authored by Mingyue Wu, Zhaobin Han, Kaizhi Li, Ji’en Wu, Kuiling Ding, Yixin Lu
A C2-symmetric chiral phosphine catalyst, NUSIOC-Phos, which can be easily derived from cyclohexyl-fused spirobiindane, was introduced. A highly enantioselective domino process involving pyrrolidine-2,3-diones and γ-substituted allenoates catalyzed by NUSIOC-Phos has been disclosed. Diastereospecific tricyclic γ-lactams containing five contiguous stereogenic centers were obtained in high yields and with nearly perfect enantioselectivities. A kinetic resolution process of racemic γ-substituted allenoates was developed for the generation of optically enriched chiral allenoates.