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Crundwell & Woodhouse 2021 (Quaternary Biostrat) ODP Site 1123 – Appendices

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posted on 27.09.2021, 23:30 by Martin CrundwellMartin Crundwell, Adam Woodhouse

Appendix 1. Revised planktic foraminiferal distribution and census counts for the 0–1.2 Ma composite section of ODP Holes 1123B and 1123C. Grey horizontal bars in columns J–AV represents glacial stages.

Appendix 2. Detailed abundance data used to calibrate all biostratigraphic markers in the composite section of ODP Site 181-1123 (0–1.2 Ma). Column M: pink (warm interglacial stages); light pink (mild/cool interglacial stages); blue (cold glacial stages); light blue (cool/mild glacial stages). Columns N–AG: grey horizontal bars (abundances exceeding the thresholds of key biostratigraphic markers); light grey horizontal bars (elevated abundances below the thresholds of key biostratigraphic markers).


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